Computer Education


Technology Aided Learning, Smart Class and Laboratories:

    Technology Aided Learning has become a universal part of education. Many factors are also included through useful links or Web sites recommended by teachers in the class room teaching. The optimum use of computers in all teaching learning process has given a scope for both students and teachers to explore many possibilities.

     You can search the collection through computers in three ways: by grade level, by subject area, or by type of technology. So if you’re a sixth-grade Math teacher looking for a project idea that uses handhelds, you can narrow your search to meet your specific needs. Lets us come forward to explore more.

      How interested in inspiring a sense of adventure in your students? Watch for stories that focus on the theme of Explorations. Curious how teachers around the world are helping their students communicate with distant learners? Look for the themes of Making Connections through net. Themes are interdisciplinary, and each set of stories features teachers from varied grade levels and subject areas. Technologies range widely, too, from handhelds to digital music labs to classroom animation studios. For these all prospects a concept of Smart Class Room is very vital in any school. We have a Smart Computer Lab with class room for experimentation and implementation too.

An Innovative Step towards excellence:

The smart classroom concept is to make optimum use of technology to display resource materials, study contents, classroom researches and other valuable audio-video contents to the students in a systematic and phased manner.  These following areas are covered during the academic session to this Vidyalaya:

Animal Kingdom:
Communicating Ideas:
Connecting Learners:
Creative Arts:
Critical Thinking:
Cultural Studies:
Integrated Studies:
Invention and Design:


 Life skills are also very important to shape one’s personality. Therefore, these topics are also discussed to pave a way of all around development:

Leading the Way:
Learning Through Inquiry:
Learning Through the Senses:

Lessons From the Past:

Making research or inquiry based learning a indispensable part of learning these activities are given promotion:

Making Sense of Data:
Outside the Classroom:
Overcoming Challenges:
Planet Earth:
Power of Words:
Reflecting on Learning:

A complete personality making is a continuous process. Therefore, games and sports, Yoga, Meditation, Vipasyana etc. are put in practice. The soft resource materials make the things natural, relevant and lively in smart classes.